In the province of Colón, a forum on ethical recruitment and decent work is held

On August 3, 2022, the International Organization for Migration organized together with the Ministry of Labour and Professional Development (MITRADEL) the forum titled "Promotion of decent employment and good practices of Ethical Recruitment", where the public employment service was discussed and in which representatives of the private and maritime sectors in the province of Colón participated.

This activity was carried out with the support of the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) of the United States Department of State and within the framework of the International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS), under which the International Organization for Migration has been coordinating joint actions with the Employment Directorate of the Ministry of Labour and Professional Development in order to contribute to the strengthening of multi-stakeholder actions to promote ethical recruitment and protection of migrant workers.

These actions mainly seek to develop a culture of collaboration and good practices among all parties involved, towards decent and ethical work with the elimination of human trafficking, and addressing the rights of all workers in the national territory.

During the meeting, the speakers from MITRADEL and IOM shared basic knowledge on the subject of intermediation, outsourcing, regulations and ethical management for private employment agencies and workers to nationals and migrants.

The long-term damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to the global economy is incalculable. For this reason, both IOM and the Ministry recognize that the process of recovering employment in companies must be accompanied by inclusive policies that respect the human and labour rights of all people, but particularly of migrants who experience greater conditions of vulnerability, and that guarantee ethical recruitment and decent work.

The Employment Directorate is the executing arm within the Ministry of Labour that can help organize, coordinate and execute, through projects and programs, the employability of people with some situation of vulnerability, but duly trained to enter companies. The Ministry of Labour places special emphasis on the labour integration of populations such as people with disabilities, young people of productive age, women and migrants.

"Through the labour intermediation department, resumés are received with the experiences or training of job seekers, and then put them in contact with companies, thus providing an ethical recruitment service that prevents human trafficking," explained Alfredo Mitre, Director of Employment of the Ministry of Labour and Professional Development. For more information, contact IOM Panama's communications unit via

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