"Alice, Think Twice" play reaches more than 1.500 people

More than 1.500 people, including students and academic staff from 10 schools in the provinces of Herrera and Los Santos, have been reached by the multiple presentations of the play Alice, Think Twice (Alicia, Piénsalo Dos Veces), that was implemented as part of the Think Twice (Piénsalo 2 Veces) Communication for Development campaign and social change strategy.

The play premiered on September 22, 2023, and among the attendees were national-level and local representatives of state institutions such as the Ombudsman's Office, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Women, the Community Board of Chitré Cabecera, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Health, diasporas and representatives of academia, students and civil society organizations.

Ana Patricia Graça, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System in Panama, also participated and mentioned that "talking about migration is complex, especially when it is part of the family history of all countries, but doing so is key for processing emotions and reflecting on the multiple reasons that motivate it and the risks that are associated with irregular migration."

This initiative was carried out with the support of the Western Hemisphere Regional Migration Capacity-Building Program (WHP), implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and funded by the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) of the United States Department of State. Its main objective has been to strengthen the capacities of young people so that they can be informed in a safe way to make better decisions and avoid the risks associated with fake job offers and news.

The play highlights how the community can come together to address important social issues such as migration. Likewise, its plot explores deep into the process of adaptation to an unfamiliar environment, disillusionment and perseverance, inviting the audience to reflect on the decisions made by migrants and the realities they face in their search for a better quality of life.

"Since the inception of the Think Twice campaign in September 2021, IOM has carried out multiple training sessions and participatory processes where more than 3.000 young people have been sensitized," said Giuseppe Loprete, Director of the Panama Administrative Centre (PAC) and Chief of Mission of IOM Panama. "Strategic and sustainable social changes have been generated, involving community leaders, various state institutions, public and private organizations, as well as journalists and civil society organizations," he added.

The staging of the play was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the José Daniel Crespo School’s theatre group, which is made up of students of different nationalities. The students participated in awareness-raising sessions given by IOM technical specialists, as well as acting clinics by Jaime Newball, an actor, producer and screenwriter who has participated in international films. They also participated in sessions to strengthen their acting skills with Panamanian artist Juan Carlos Adames.

For three months, the young actresses and actors rehearsed the play that was finally presented in the school’s main hall, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education. From this experience,

Jachdiel López, a Venezuelan student who acts in the play, highlights "how interesting it has been to generate a dialogue and analysis on migration, in addition to knowing the importance of making informed decisions in the face of the opportunities that may arise in life, such as study or work, and not being victims of any deception or risks such as trafficking in persons."

IOM remains committed to continue supporting initiatives that engage young people as key actors of social change and strengthen their potential in the face of the challenges and opportunities of migration, which is why the play will be presented in other communities in the country.

This activity is implemented as part of a Communication for Development campaign and social change strategy, which contributes to objectives 3, 10 and 17 of the Global Compact for Migration, as well as to target 10.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals. For more information, contact IOM Panama's communications team at

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