SDL - Staff Development and Learning


The Staff Development and Learning Unit coordinates, reviews and follow up on all the training activities organized by all IOM’s missions worldwide to ensure their compliance with the SDL’s Guidelines. It also monitors the reception of the Training Enrolment forms and most importantly verifies and clear the Staff members’ eligibility to participate in an internal or external course or learning activity.  At the same time PAC’s SDL unit coordinates and manages the Staff’s Training Records and Statistics of all the courses and training events organized globally in IOM.


PACs SDL’s unit has also the responsibility of coordinating all the local training activities in which PAC becomes the hosting mission.


In addition, the PAC’S SDL unit manages the E-learning platform for the Online Language courses as As well as the management of the United Nations (UN) Language Proficiency Examination (LPE) by acting as the IOM’s Focal point between UN and IOM for the staff registration into the LPE.