OSS - Office of Staff Security



Historically, the International Organization for Migration has found itself operating in increasingly insecure areas of the world. Recognizing this, as well as its institutional responsibility for staff and asset safety and security, IOM first joined the United Nations Security Management System (UNSMS) in 1998 through a Memorandum of Agreement with the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS), formerly the UN Security Coordinator (UNSECORD).

As IOM continues to be part of UNSMS, in 2002 the Organization established Staff Security Unit (SSU), which is now the Office of Staff Security (OSS), to strengthen its capacity in security management and as mandated by th IOM member states, under Council Resolution 1076. IOM's membership in the UNSMS was further strengthened as the Organization became a UN-related organization in September 2016.

OSS is IOM’s focal point on safety and security policy management and operational support to enable the safest and most effective implementation of the Organization’s programs and activities. Under the Office of the Director General (ODG), OSS Headquarters is based in Geneva, Switzerland while the 24/7 Operations Centre is based in Manila, Philippines with back-up office in Panama City, Panama, and Regional Offices in Dakar, Nairobi, Pretoria, Cairo, Geneva, Bangkok, and Panama City.



The Office of Staff Security (OSS) is responsible for providing leadership on safety and security policy management and operational support to enable the safest and most effective implementation of IOM programs and activities.



Our vision is that of a world where IOM staff, offices and resources are safe and secured, thus enabling and enhancing the ability of IOM’s program delivery in the protection and well-being of migrants.

This vision will be achieved through the implementation of "effective staff and security risk management."


Who We Are

The Office of Staff Security (OSS) brand reflects our principles and core values. 


Our core values:

Professionalism, integrity, responsiveness, accountability, development, ledership


What We Do

To enable programme delivery while taking into consideration organizational duty of care and due diligence, with the associated management accountability, OSS is focused on its current global support services namely:

  • Security Risk Management
  • UNSMS-certified security trainings
  • Security updates and advise to the ODG, RO, CO and sub-offices
  • Global Operations Center with 24/7 Communications Center
  • Hostage Incident Management coordination
  • Business Continuity Plan Advice and coordination
  • Air travel safety advice and coordination 
  • Timely and effective emergency response
  • Rapid deployment of security personnel 
  • Continued engagement with the Inter-Agency Security Management Network (IASMN)
  • A robust leadership role within the UNSMS
  • Pioneer in the development and deployment of SCAAN (Security Communications and Analysis Network) as an effective enhanced security technology tool in the UNSMS
  • Operational staff security capacity building
  • Staff safety and security policy development
  • Security related services within Procurement and Finance