OHU PAC - Occupational Health Unit Panama


OHU Panama offers occupational health services to 83 country offices in the Americas and Africa.


OHU has the following assignments:


  • Promote healthy behaviors and safety awareness to all local staff members.
  • Facilitate the admission and discharge of IOM staff and their eligible dependents in hospitals or clinics.
  • Improve the communications flow seamlessly and efficiently with the treating Doctors and advice staff members on health matters.
  • Respond to emergency medical situation for IOM staff who need medical travel or evacuation within the country or abroad.
  • Evaluate mandatory staff health examinations such as pre-employment, annual driver examinations, MSP admission, etc.
  • Provide travel medicine services including travel clearances of staff members and consultants in EVD affected countries.
  • Review and approve of medical claims and quotations, maternity and sick leaves.