LEGPU - Legal (Panama Unit)


The Office of Legal Affairs, Contract Division, Panama Section (LEGCR-PU) is considered an integral part of the Office of Legal Affairs (LEG) at Headquarters. LEG Contract Division (LEGCR) is the global focal point in LEG to review contracts, agreements and memorandums of understanding as well as declarations, consent forms, waiver forms, etc.  LEGCR also provides legal advice on disputes related to contractual relationships with external entities and on terminating contractual relationships. It conducts training to IOM field offices on the organizational policy on the delegation of authority for concluding contracts and agreements (Instruction No.99/Rev.2). IOM contract templates are developed and revised by LEGCR.  LEGCR consists of two units, one in Manila (LEGCR-MU) and another in Panama (LEGCR-PU).