ICT - Information and Communications Technology


Information Communications and Technology  Service Center


The Information Communications and Technology  Service Center in Panama was established in 2013 to provide quality and cost-effective bilingual technical support services to all the IOM Regional and Country Offices in the Americas.  Since then, the scope of the Global User Support Unit has expanded to provide worldwide services.


With the implementation of a state-of-the-art the datacenter in Panama in 2014, the Service Center became the Global Disaster Recovery Site, hosting a variety of corporate systems guaranteeing the operation of the Organization in the event of a disaster in one of our main datacenters.


In 2015, the support center established the Infrastructure and Networks Unit to provide network and systems design, the execution of infrastructure projects, advanced escalation support, as well as training and consulting services to all IOM offices worldwide.


With the establishment of the PRIMA Team in 2017, the ICT Service Center has been heavily involved in the design, implementation, and provision of support to the corporate online project management software.  Rolled-out in 2019, the new software provides multiple tools to facilitate the management of projects throughout the project cycle and allows the generation of aggregate reports.


In 2018, the ICT Security Unit was incorporated into the service portfolio to raise IOM’s security posture, promoting the implementation of security standards and best practices to secure IOM data, systems, and IT assets.   Key services globally offered to the organization include Penetration Testing, Security Compliance Check, Vulnerability Management, Security Monitoring, Incident Management, Log Management, and Threat Intelligence.


The Service Center provides extended support services such as recruitment and on-boarding of local ICT Staff for the country offices, facilitates the procurement of hardware and software, and provides advice and approval to projects that include an IT component.  One of the most important services provided is the Emergency Response to support IOM operations for humanitarian relief after natural and other disasters (e.g. Earthquakes or Hurricanes).


Since its inception, the ICT Service Center in Panama has been driven by an overall strategy of providing high-efficiency and quality services to our colleagues and, more importantly, to support the operations and services provided the migrants and beneficiaries worldwide.