HRAS - Human Resources Advisory Services

Human Resources Advisory Services (HRAS) Unit at PAC provides global support to Regional and Country Offices throughout the entire human resources life cycle, including occupational and non-occupational health, medical insurance, training opportunities, and the overall promotion of best practices for the administration of locally recruited personnel.

HRAS promotes global HR compliance in line with applicable policies, rules, and regulations and works in close coordination with Headquarters on the development of Human Resources policies for the Organization.

HRAS includes the following units:

Organizational Design Unit (ODU) is responsible for developing job architecture proposals and job profiles, providing advice on position management, workforce planning, upscaling and downsizing initiatives, as well as classifying or coordinating the classification of General Service, National Officer and Professional positions worldwide.

Occupational Health Unit (OHU) is responsible for evaluating and affirming the fitness to work for locally recruited staff members and non-staff personnel, promoting healthy behaviors and safety awareness. OHU provides medical advice when required, clearances for travel on duty, and facilitates and authorizes medical travel and evacuation. OHU currently provides support to 83 countries in the Americas and Africa.

Staff Development and Learning (SDL) promotes learning activities for all locally recruited staff members and facilitates access to online courses in IOM’s e-Learning platform. SDL also serves as the focal point for the United National Language Proficiency Exam (LPE).