DOE - Department of Operations and Emergencies


Emergency and Post Crisis in Latin America and Caribbean Region (LAC)

IOM through the Department of Operations and Emergencies (DOE) provides guidelines, policy, and technical support to the Country Offices in three main areas of IOM interventions before, during and after the emergencies or crisis by ensuring crosscutting areas such as: gender, protection, environment, human rights and cash based interventions. The main areas are:


1) Preparedness and Response Division (PRD) for Emergencies

Provides technical advice and policy guidance to field staff on plans, logistics and implementation on setting up and delivering life-saving response to sudden and massive population displacement, protracted displacement and large scale evacuations, in a view to fostering the self-reliance of all forced migrants.

IOM in the interagency Cluster system is a lead agency for Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) in Natural Disasters including secretariat function. Since March 2020 CCCM sector, for COVID 19, was activated under the Regional Emergency Disaster working group for Latin American and the Caribbean (REDLAC) umbrella. Also, IOM is actively participating in other clusters (Health, Logistics, Protection, Emergency Shelter and Early Recovery).

IOM coordinate with other departments to mainstream activities such as health, psychosocial support, and the environment in emergency projects. Also coordinate with SSU to ensure the continuity of that IOM emergency response activities.

PRD Phases:

  1. Preparedness includes: 
  • Induction trainings to build IOM and partners capacities on humanitarian policy, Migration Governance Framework (MIGOF), Migration Crisis Operational Framework (MCOF), protection, Institutional framework of Gender Based Violence in Crisis (GBViC), Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM), Cash Based Interventions (CBI) and others.
  • Support in the preparation of coordinated contingency plans through the UNETT mechanism.
  • Coordinate the preposition of NFI in Panama (managed by UNHRD).
  • Guide the IOM field staff and partners in updating the CCCM, NFIs, tools, etc.
  • Build the emergency surge staff roster in the region
  • Support the updating of the Global Humanitarian Response Plan (GHRP) platform by reviewing and endorsement of the national plans or appeals.
  1. Response includes:
  • Guide the IOM field staff in development of emergency response projects (EPPE form).
  • Guide the field staff on requesting of MEFM funds, for initial intervention, within 48 hours.
  • Guide the emergency teams in setting up the external situation report (SITREP template).
  • Coordinate the technical support on setting up DTM for rapid need assessment.
  • Coordinate the deployment of surge staff as per country office request.
  • Guide the field staff in development proposals related to CERF funds.
  • Review and endorsement of the concept notes and proposals.


2) Transition and Recovery Division (TRD) for the Post Emergency or Crisis:

TRD is responsible for overseeing IOM programming to assist in reducing and preventing the impacts of, and recovering from, the longer-term consequences of crises, in particular its effect on human mobility and displacement and in ensuring conditions are conducive to meeting the complex needs of a sustainable return and reintegration. Crises, man-made and natural have both immediate and long-term consequences on the well-being of affected populations (Internal displaced persons, migrants, and host communities). Works with national and international partners in efforts to rebuild, mitigate conflict, build resilience to shocks, and minimize risks of future crises, is contributing to the prevention of further forced displacement, the promotion of durable solutions, and providing the foundation for sustainable development.

TRD complement PRD intervention, in this way IOM promote the Humanitarian, Development and Peace Nexus (HDP).

TRD Sub Areas:

  • Durable Solutions and resilience – Progressive Resolution of Displacement Situations framework (PRDS).
  • Stabilization and Recovery – community stabilization programs (SOPs).
  • Transition and Peace building – Demobilization, Disarmament and Reintegration (DDR); Preventing Violence Extremism (PVE); Peacebuilding and Security Sector Reform; Community Violence Reduction (CVR); Elections.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) – Preventing & Mitigation; Recovery; guidelines for inclusion of migrants in preparedness and responses plans in countries in crisis (MICIC).
  • Land Property and Reparation – Prevention and Mitigation; Recovery.


3) Resettlement and Movement Management (RMM):

IOM provides transport assistance to individuals or groups on a temporary or permanent either from or to their places of origin under variety of programs such as resettlement or return operations. Usually transport assistance is accompanied by provision for other assistance such as pre-departure medical screening and cultural orientation.

RMM is responsible for setting standards and policies, as well as establishing support mechanisms for transportation activities. It has an oversight function over refugees and migrant transport. It is tasked with the development and maintenance of operational systems to monitor and track programmatic activity and compile movement related statistical data Organization-wide.


Migration Crisis / Tools

IOM's Humanitarian Policy - Principles for Humanitarian Action

MC2355 - IOM Migration Crisis Operational Framework

IOM The Progressive Resolution of Displacement Situations (PRDS) Framework

DTM Methodological Framework

Gender-Based Violence in Crises Operational Model

IOM Strategy for Humanitarian Cash-Based Internventions 2019-2021

A Manual to Address Human Trafficking in Humanitarian Settings: Strategies and Tools for IOM Staff

Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action(The Alliance)

IOM Accountability to Affected Populations Framework

CCM 2019 Infosheet - OIM

Taking Sendai Forward. IOM Strategic Work Plan on Disaster Risk Reduction & Resilience 2017 - 2020